Reach over 1 billion App users
for just £159 per month (+ VAT)

Since the arrival of Apple’s iPhone and the inception of the App in 2007, the App ecosystem has exploded.

At the end of last year there were over 1.2 billion regular App users, and that number is expected to rise significantly over the next 12 months.

In a recent survey, over 80% of the average financial firm’s clients confirmed that they use Smartphones, tablets and Apps.

That means your clients and potential future clients are using Apps as part of their daily lives. What they used to do manually, they now do through their Smartphone or tablet.

The Gold IFA App has been specially developed for the leading Smartphone and tablet platforms and offers engagement levels that simply have not been possible in the past. It provides you with an incredibly exciting App ecosystem to serve existing clients and win new ones.

What is included in the Gold Advisors’ App package?

You benefit from a proven solution, rapid service and a painless process from start to finish

  • Benefit from carefully developed off-the-shelf features with extensive customisation
  • Your own Apple and Android App approved by leading stores Apple and Google
  • Branded in your colours and logo
  • Customised design, colours and theme so it’s your exclusive, unique App
  • Bespoke designed splash screen
  • Fully integrated with your blog
  • 12 Powerful calculators your users will love
    (Savings, Mortgage, Company Car, Loan, Pay slip, VAT, Inflation, Stamp Duty, APR, IHT, Contractor and Should I Incorporate?)
  • Tax Tables
  • Key Accounting Dates
  • Integrates with your social media
  • Review App Feature – making it simple for users to give your App a 5 star review
  • Future-proof with all technical and financial updates included in your monthly subscription
  • Optional upgrade to Platinum at any time
  • Ongoing launch support and optional Marketing Launch Pack


Your Gold Advisors’ App

The Gold Advisors’ App gives your firm significant benefits. Although most firms recover the cost of the App quickly, thanks to its time saving features, it’s far more than just a ‘nice to have’ tool.

The Gold App gives you a completely new way to reach out and communicate with your clients (and future clients) in a sophisticated and technologically-advanced manner. If your firm wants to be ‘different’ there’s no better way to stand out than having your own App.

Many firms we have spoken to are simply ‘blown away’ by what the App can do for them. And that’s because it’s been carefully designed so you can literally place your business into your clients’ and prospects’ pockets. And it does everything without any effort or time needed from you.

To see the Gold Advisors’ App in action, register below for your free demo. See how it works, who uses it, and why it’s so popular.

A fantastic Advisors’ App at an amazing price

The Gold Advisors’ App is priced to make it a very simple purchasing decision for any IFA firm.

For an investment of £159* per month + VAT, you can have your own App in the leading smartphone and tablet stores in a matter of weeks.

The Gold IFA App is carefully packed with more features than any other App for IFAs in this price bracket. It also comes with the simple option to upgrade to Platinum at any time.

*£159 per month (all prices + VAT)